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Welcome to the SOH Collection of Israeli Stamps – a virtual collection of over 200 Israeli stamps and accompanying articles, in English and Hebrew, about the subjects featured on them. The collection gives a broad picture (albeit far from being a complete one) of the heritage of the people, the state, and the land of Israel.

The SOH collection is by no means a catalog of Israeli stamps – there are hundreds of Israeli stamps outside it. There are tens of stamps that I want to add (and in time I will), and many others that I have no plans to add – their topics repeat themselves, they are not relevant anymore today, they are of little interest to the general public, or stamps whose issuance is clearly motivated by sectorial political interests.

This first entry in the collection is reserved for general information about the app. Press the Next button ('>' on the iPhone/iPad) to get to the first stamp, honoring David Ben-Gurion – the 1st prime minister of Israel (added Feb. 2010).

I add new stamps from time to time, at uneven intervals. The order of the stamps is more or less the order by which I have added them (which is not the order of their issuance dates). Upon launching the app, the most recently added stamp is displayed.

Click on a stamp to enlarge its image, click again to get back to the regular display.

Different sortings of the topics – by stamp issuance year, alphabetical or by category – are available via the List button.

All topics are explained by English and Hebrew articles. The Hebrew version is always placed first, followed by the English version; use the Next button ('>') to reach the English version from the Hebrew version, or the Back button ('<') for vice versa. Please note that the English and the Hebrew versions may display different stamps – a typical case with stamp series or when more than one stamp is associated with the same topic.

The sources for the articles are the publications of the Israel Philatelic Service, Wikipedia and various subject-specific sources.

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Enjoy, Tzvi.