Stories of Aliya Bet Voyages

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This page contains various stories about Aliya Bet. Please note that the veterans' stories are another great source for Aliya Bet stories, as many of the veterans were involved -- directly or indirectly -- in Aliya Bet operations. Operational names under which Aliya Bet vessels made their voyages are highlighted in red.

The incredible story of Exodus 1947 - the flagship of Aliya Bet (a presentation by Tzvi Ben-tzur)

The La Spezia Affair - 1946 (the ships Eliahu Golomb and Dov Hoz)

John the Priest - the unique volunteer aboard the Exodus 1947, by Jerry Klinger

The story of Lenny Sklar - a volunteer aboard the Exodus 1947

Uri Goren's personal story about Exodus 1947

Uri Goren's personal story of Aliya Bet in general and his command of Latrun in particular

The story of Knesset Israel - background and personal account by Reuven Yatir, a Palyamnik who escorted the ship

The story of Knesset Israel and "Ha'Kdosha" - the personal account of the ma'apila Leah

Hagana ship Wedgewood - the story of Aryeh Malkin, a volunteer aboard the ship

Hagana ship Rafiah - the adventure of bringing her to the departure Yoguslavian port of Bakar

The rescue of the Rafiah's survivors: a British point of view, as told by the son of the H.M.S. Providence's commander

The rescue of the Rafiah's survivors: anothr British point of view, as told by the commander of the landing party of H.M.S. Providence on the island of Sirina

Hagana ship Rafiah - an epilogue to a tragic event

Hagana ship La'Negev - the story of Shimon Kaufman (a ma'apil on the ship)

The stories of the ships Eliahu Golomb and Bracha Fuld [editorial note]

The story of the ship Hana Senesh [editorial note]

Goldman, D. and Michael Walsh, ‘Stranded in Boğaz, Cyprus: The affair of the Pan Ships, January 1948’ [editorial note]

The story of the Pan's (Atzmaut & Komemiut) [editorial note]

The story of Tel-Hai [editorial note]

The story of Theodor Herzl [editorial note]

The story of Geula (Paducah) [editorial note]

The story of Hatikva [editorial note]

The story of Krav Emek Ayalon (Hamo'red) [editorial note]

The story of Kadima [editorial note]

The story of Ben-Hecht [editorial note]

The story of Ben-Hecht in details

The story of the ship Darien - a WW-II period, pre-Palyam, Aliya Bet ship

Aliya Bet During WW-II: The Episode of the Vessel Lili

Captain Steve tells his story, with his role in the voyage of the Pan York at its center

The saga of Shlomo Reichmann, a 10 day-old "Illegal" Immigrant on board the Rafiah

The story of the Dora - the first, pre-WW-II, Aliya Bet vessel to leave from Northern Europe [external link]

The resistence of the ma'apilim aboard Theodor Herzl
"The Germans destroyed our families & homes - don't you destroy our hopes" -
a message from the ma'apilim aboard the Hagana ship Theodor Herzl
to the British authorities
Aliya Bet

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