The Sculptor David Palombo

David Palombo (1920 - 1966) was an Israeli sculptor and painter. He was born in Turkey and immigrated to the Land of Israel with his parents in 1923. In 1940 he began his studies at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. In 1942 he became a student of sculptor Ze'ev Ben-Zvi, and for a period of time he was both an assistant at Ben-Zvi's studio and a teacher at Bezalel.

One of Palombo’s best-known works is the gate to the Hall of Remembrance at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, depicted on the stamp. The gate was designed in 1958-59. The Hall of Remembrance is constructed of walls made of huge dark basalt boulders, which support a heavy concrete roof. The black gate is set into this wall. Enmeshed into the gate is a relief of piercing unrefined forms shooting out in all directions. It is constructed of welded steel rods and coated by welding rod beads.

Another well-known work of Palombo is the gates to the Knesset. The gates were created shortly before his death, caused by an accident in which his motorcycle hit a chain used by Haredim (ultra-orthodox Jews) to block the entrance to the Yamin Moshe neighborhood on the eve of Shabbat.

Visitors to Mount Zion in Jerusalem can visit Palombo's studio which is located there.

The stamp was issued in 1995. Designer: A. Vanooijen.