Jerusalem 3000

In 995 BC King David captured the Jebusite (a Canaanite tribe) city of Jerusalem. Since Jerusalem did not belong to any single Hebrew tribe, David wisely made the city his national capital and the religious centre of the Jewish nation. This event marks the beginning of the unique bond between the Jewish people and the city of Jerusalem. Under David's rule, the Kingdom of Israel reached its maximum size absorbing many of its neighbors.

Jerusalem, rich with sacred historical sites, with treasures of art and culture, has remained a spiritual focal point, holy to the three monotheistic religions. Billions of believers around the globe view Jerusalem with reverence, and the city has called forth religious longing and artistic creativity in all ages and continents. Jerusalem today is a vibrant cultural and cosmopolitan metropolis, attracting visitors, tourists and pilgrims from around the world.

In 1995, Israel and the entire world celebrated Jerusalem’s 3000 years.

*** NIS 1.00 stamp: the stamp shows part of a mosaic pavement from the Gaza Synagogue, 6th century CE, depicting King David playing the harp. On the tab is a picture of the stamped sealing (bulb) of the biblical scribe, Gemariah son of Shafan, found in the City of David excavations, dated end of the First Temple period. In the background of the tab a fragment of the Judean Desert Temple Scroll is shown, dated late Second temple period.

*** NIS 1.50 stamp: the stamp shows an illustration of Jerusalem taken from a map of The Land of Israel drawn by Rabbi Pinie of Safed in the 19th century. On the tab is a picture of part of a 19th century seal made of cast brass from Fez, Morocco. The background of the tab consists of the photograph of the Western Wall, Jerusalem, from the 19th century.

*** NIS 1.80 stamp: the stamp shows a present day aerial photograph of the Knesset (Israel Parliament), government buildings and the Supreme Court. On the tab is the Menorah, the emblem of the State of Israel, and in the background is an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence.

The stamps were issued in 1995. Designers: R. Kantor and A. Friedman.