Hebrew Months(2): Cheshvan

Marcheshvan, sometimes shortened to Cheshvan, is the second month of the civil year (which starts on the 1st of Tishrei) and the eighth month of the ecclesiastical year (which starts on the 1st of Nisan) on the Hebrew calendar. Markheshvan is an autumn month which occurs in October - November in the Gregorian calendar.

The name has its roots in Akkadian, meaning literally "eighth month" in that language. Jewish sources explain that the prefix mar is because the month is "bitter" (mar) as it contains no holidays and bitter calamities occurred during it, such as the beginning of the Flood.

In a regular year Marcheshvan has 29 days, but because of Rosh Hashana (the New Year holiday) postponement rules, in some years an additional day is added to it to make the year a "full" year (shana meleha).

Sign of the Zodiak: The Scorpion.

In nature: the first leaves fall from the trees, and the winter grains are sowed.

The stamp was issued in 2002, one of 12 stamps dedicated to the months of The Hebrew Calendar. Designer: Miri Sofer. Zodiak sign stamp issued 1961, designer: I. Blaushild.