Hebrew Months(12): Elul

´╗┐Tradition: Jews of Sephardic and Oriental origin rise early each day during this month for the recitation of the penitential Selichot prayers, in preparation for the High Holydays. Ashkenazi Jews begin to recite Selichot only towards the end of the north, before Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year). It is a popular custom to send New Year's greeting cards to friends.

Sign of the Zodiak: The Maiden.

In nature: cotton, olives, and dates are harvested.

Written by Dr. Dov Herman, Bar-Ilan University.

The stamp was issued in 2002, one of 12 stamps dedicated to the months of The Hebrew Calendar. Designer: Miri Sofer. Zodiak sign stamp issued 1961, designer: I. Blaushild.